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Our Willoughby Flat Pack Guest Room Can Be Almost Anything You Need It To Be!

Our Willoughby Flat Pack Cabin can be almost anything you need it to be!

  • Spare Bedroom
  • Workout Room
  • Dance Studio
  • Coffee Stand (REALLY!!!!)
  • At Home Office

These are just a few things that our customers have used this larger space for.

From putting in multiple full couches and tv screens to present to clients (wedding photographers) to an amazing workout space you can actually do power lifts in; this unit really can be almost anything you can imagine!

Willoughby Flat Pack Features & Specs:

The Willoughby Flat Pack Unit is one of our largest units with a covered deck. Here are the features listed below:

  1. Prefabricated Panel Boards (as shown in our installation videos) make for quick installation.
  2. Shorter Build Times as all panels / parts are made inside our single (large) factory.
  3. No weather or nasty elements to mess with the build materials (built inside factory)
  4. Covered deck to use as sitting area or other purposes.
  5. Above Average Heat and Sound Insulation ensure that you can use this unit for multiple activities.
  6. On-Site Assembly is quick (within 1 day) and very few tools are needed to complete it. 
  7. Customer can make additional upgrades (ex. roof top deck, side deck, etc…)
  8. Arrives neatly packed in a single 20ft container.

Here are the Willoughby Flat Pack Unit Specs:

  • Please watch our Installation Video below as it shows how simple the installation process is!
  • 14.6 feet Length
  • 9.8 Feet Wide
  • 9.8 Feet Tall
  • Weighs 3650 pounds
  • 100 to 240v can be installed. Please specify which when purchasing.
  • Forklift is needed (or something similar) to install the roof pieces.
  • Please reference installation video below as it makes the build process crystal clear!

This is one of our top selling units so if you have any questions please call us at 833-207-0456


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