Best Small Camper Trailers: Find Your Perfect Small Travel Trailer in 2023

Are you searching for a high-quality, functional, and affordable small camper trailer for your next outdoor adventure? Look no further than Off Grid Dwellings!

We offer a wide range of reliable and affordable small camper trailers, including the Kawaikini 2.0, Kawaikini base model, Olomana, and Kamakou.

Whether you’re looking for an off-road camper trailer, a small travel trailer, a rooftop tent, or a family camper trailer, we have the perfect option for you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our best lightweight travel trailers!

Why Do We Focus On Affordable Small Camper / Small Travel Trailers For Off-Road Camping?

Here at Off Grid Dwellings we believe that even small vehicles with little towing capacity (within reason) should be able to go on the camping trips they dream of. 

It is our goal to make the best small trailers that can handle off-road camping to allow our customers to explore off the beaten path a bit. 

We encourage adventure, and while a small car may not get you to the most remote places; our small lightweight pull campers will be ready to go almost anywhere you want to!

Being out in the wilderness while having 0 bars on your cell service; with nothing but a small kitchen and your favorite small trailer may not make everyone the happiest camper.

 But for those who are looking for that type of experience, we have got a few options that we think you will list as your “favorite small camping trailers” after just one camping trip with our products.

We don’t think you need anymore convincing that off road travel trailers are fun; so without further ado take a look at some of our best selling units below.

What Is A Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is a type of recreational vehicle (RV) that is towed behind a car, truck or SUV. It can be used for camping, vacations and other outdoor activities.

Travel trailers come in many sizes, shapes and styles and are usually much smaller than motorhomes. They provide the same comforts as an RV with the added benefit of being able to unhitch it and take it on short trips or to different locations.

Travel trailers offer the convenience of having all your home necessities while you’re away from home – such as sleeping accommodations, kitchenettes, bathrooms, showers and even entertainment options. They are also often equipped with ample storage space for all your belongings.

With a travel trailer you have the freedom to explore new places without having to worry about finding a place to stay overnight.


The Kawaikini Base Model is the perfect off-road camper trailer for those looking for a high-quality, functional, and affordable option.

With a price tag of under $15,000, this trailer offers independent suspension, durable galvanized steel construction, and a rear access kitchen. 

While we were not able to fit a separate shower and toilet into this small off-road teardrop trailer; it still has enough amenities to make your next family camping trip a memorable one. 

Attaching a rooftop tent to this model will allow 4 people to sleep comfortably in one of our smallest campers. 

The Kawaikini Base Model is a great choice for adventurers who want to explore off the beaten path without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that this is one of our lighter weight models so some cars and small suvs can actually pull this thing.

To see more specs on this unit please click here to see what just under $13,500 gets you!

Are Small Travel Trailers Worth It?

Simply put, YES! Small travel trailers can be a great way to explore the world while having the comforts of home.

They are typically smaller than other types of trailers, which makes them perfect for those who don’t want or need a lot of extra space. Additionally, they are often less expensive than larger models and can be towed by most vehicles. Small travel trailers also offer convenience when it comes to parking and maneuvering through tight spaces.

Despite the advantages, small travel trailers come with some downsides. For example, due to their size, they may not have enough storage space for all your belongings or provide adequate living space if you plan to stay in one place for an extended period of time.

Ultimately, whether or not small travel trailers are worth it depends on what you’re looking for in a trailer and your individual needs and budget. With that being said we do feel that most of our units (which can sleep 4 people comfortably) meet that nice middle ground of affordability and cargo space!

The Olomana is the ultimate small travel trailer, designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience on the road.

With its sleek and rugged design, this trailer is the perfect choice for those looking for a small yet stylish camper.

The slide-out kitchen and ample storage space provide all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and functional travel experience.

While the Olomana is not large enough for an indoor shower (nor does it have enough space to include a bathroom) you do get access to a built in outdoor shower line that can turn any outdoor small space into the perfect place to rinse off on your next camping trip. 

Small families (2 adults and 2 kids) can sleep comfortably in this; making it one of the best small campers on the market.

**Pro Tip** Adding a roof top tent to this unit does wonders to the amount of people that can comfortably sleep in this unit!

Rooftop Tents on Trailers: Kamakou


Looking for a rooftop tent for your camper trailer? The Kamakou is the perfect option for off-road camping. 

This compact trailer has so much storage you will think you bought a small RV instead of a small pull-behind trailer. 

This durable and reliable rooftop tent fits on our small towable Kamakou cargo trailer, which easily fits two adults; although some customers have upgraded the rooftop tent to squeeze in enough sleeping space for two adults and two children.

With its spacious and comfortable design, the Kamakou is the ultimate choice for those who want to sleep under the stars and enjoy the great outdoors which makes it perfect for off-grid camping.

The Kamakou is the perfect blend of many small travel trailers as it offers more storage for a better camping experience while still providing a spacious place to sleep with its rooftop tent. 

This small trailer is designed to be the best of both worlds (storage and sleeping space) while ensuring your next outdoor camping trip is a success!

How Much Does A Small Camper Cost?

The cost of a small camper will vary depending on the make, model and age of the vehicle.

Newer models with all the bells and whistles could cost upwards of $50,000 while older models may be much more affordable. Used campers can range anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000 depending on their condition and features. There are also smaller camper trailers that can cost as little as $2,500 to $10,000 depending on size and amenities.

Here at Off Grid Dwellings we try to find that middle ground of providing a quality product with plenty of cargo space while still being able to sleep 2-4 people on all of our models.

 With our models being between $13,000 and $23,000 brand new; we think we did a pretty good job walking that fine line of affordability & quality!

The Kawaikini 2.0 is the ultimate off-road camper trailer for those who want to explore the great outdoors in style and comfort.

With a price tag of under $20,000, this trailer offers a range of features and benefits, including independent suspension, durable galvanized steel construction, slide-out kitchen, and a rooftop tent for extra sleeping space. 

The Kawaikini 2.0 is the perfect combination of affordability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for adventurers on a budget.

When you’re camping you do not want to be thinking about whether or not your trailer can handle the same terrain as your truck / SUV. 

With our Kawaikini 2.0 that thought will never creep into your mind again as you head out on your next adventure. 

It has been our goal here at Off Grid Dwellings to create some of the best small camping trailers on the market while ensuring that even our smallest travel trailer is lightweight and rugged. 

Take a look more in depth on our Kawaikini product page (here) but if this small trailer is not on the short list of the best small lightweight campers we would be shocked!

If you’re looking for a family camper trailer that is both functional and affordable, the Olomana is the perfect choice.

One of the best features of the Olomana Off Road Cargo/Camper Trailer is the room to sleep up to four people (when adding a rooftop tent).

The slide-out kitchen and comfortable living area make it the perfect choice for family vacations; this travel trailer features a two burner stove and makes it a step up from tent camping. 

This is one of the best small travel trailers on the market. As far as towable campers go, the Olomana will make your camping trips quickly become something you schedule more and more time to do!

We hope this collection page has helped you find the perfect compact travel trailers to tow around for your next outdoor adventure.

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is standing by to help you find the perfect adventure companion!

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