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Tiny homes have been a growing trend recently due to their efficiency and unique design.  In fact, there have been many television shows that talk about tiny homes such as “Tiny House Hunters” and “Tiny House Big Living.”  The hype circles around the idea that tiny homes are incredibly affordable to build.  However, it is …

There has been a lot of discussion about using black plastic in vegetable gardens.  Those that use it will list the pros, those that don’t will list the cons.  Let’s face it … it’s all about preference and what works for the gardener.  Before making a decision on whether to use black plastic in your …

Living away from the city has always been appealing.  A place with a lot of green trees, animals and not much traffic just seems peaceful.  Thing is, there are quite a few people who desire to get away from the busy city life style and want to simplify it by living off the grid.   …

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