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This Cabin Kit Is Incredible...Check If It's Allowed In Your Area With The Banner Below:

Norman Luxury Tiny Home Is A Prefabricated Game Changer!

When you usually think of a “Smart Home” I doubt prefabricated tiny home is the first thing that pops in your mind!

With that said, here at Off Grid Dwellings, we aimed to bring an AFFORDABLE TINY SMART HOME to the market and we believe we did just that.

With housing prices at an all time high we wanted to see if we could build something not only affordable; but with a bit of luxury and technology built in!

From the retractable window shades to the programmable AC controls; this tiny home is taking the leap and catching up to modern home amenities in “tiny” form!

Check Out Some Of The Amazing Features Of Our Norman Tiny Home!

Our Norman Prefabricated Tiny Home comes packed with everything you need to call it home!

  • 2 Burner Electric Stove
  • Basic Kitchen Sink
  • Fully Equipped Bathroom with Standing Shower
  • “Massive” Living Room
  • Upstairs Loft
  • Panoramic Windows
  • Remote Control Retractable Window Shades
  • Wall Placed Thermostat
  • 3 Year Warranty With Replacement Parts Should Anything Go Wrong!

These are ACTUAL pictures from an overseas build that we did recently.

This company purchased everything, had a small team ready to receive the shipment and had this up within 2 days!

This tiny home is elegantly designed and offers a whopping 538 Square feet! Below are a few more features:

  • Has a 50+ year lifespan
  • Prefabricated so we can build it faster and get it to you on site quicker!
  • Comes as a “flat pack” unit so it is protected while shipping.
  • Quick Assembly as one of these units can be done with a normal contractor & team within 24-48 hours.

If you are looking for a cheaper / smaller version of this unit please check out our two options below:

Below Are More Photos Of How Your Unit Arrives!

Just a quick shot of the factory floor these units are built on as well as how they are packed and protected.

This is what we mean by “prefabricated” and “flat pack”. This is how the panels are prepped to be shipped.

We stack and slide them into the container on its way to you and this allows the product to ship safely and cost effectively!

Norman Tiny Home Allowed In Your County? Learn If It Is Below:


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