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Powell Flat Pack Forest Cabin

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Powell Flat Pack Forest Cabin Is The Perfect Excuse To Get Back Into Nature

We are excited to announce one of the coolest new products to Off Grid Dwellings: The Powell Flat Pack Forest Cabin!

This unit is prefabricated in our MASSIVE factory and shipped directly to your location. 

Once on site you can install 90% of this unit with just a few men! Check out a few videos we have on the page to see just how easy the installation process is!

Now with that said you will need a forklift or something similar on site to get this product OFF of the truck it is delivered on so please make sure you are prepared to accept this unit on the EXACT delivery date!

The Powell Prefabricated Forest Cabin Can Be Used In The Backyard Just As Easily As A Retreat Cabin

What makes this Powell Prefabricated Home so amazing is the fact that it can be used in multiple ways!

Why these units are usually purchased as a nature retreat / cabin they can also be used in the following ways:

  • Guest Room In Backyard
  • Air-Bnb Rental
  • Campground Rental
  • Mountain Getaway
  • Really anything you can think of!

If you would like to see our other smaller & larger options of this style please click a button below:

While you can order many different options most customers get this unit as a shell. That means the following below:

  1. All Walls & Siding Needed To Set Up The Structure Of The Cabin
  2. Roofing Materials To Complete Home
  3. Basic Insulation for Walls, Floor and Roof
  4. Exterior Siding To Be Attached To Prefabricated Unit
  5. Interior Materials & Flooring Materials To Complete Inside Of Unit
  6. Basic Wiring From 100v – 240v With Ability Run Your Own Wired Through Our Prefabricated Wall Pieces
  7. High Quality & Durable Windows For Better Insulation of Heat and Sound
  8. Free Shipping Directly To Your Location But YOU Must Have Forklift On Hand (or similar) To Unload The Pieces From Delivery Truck. 

What Options Can I Add To My Powell Flat Pack Unit?

Here Are A Few Upgrades We Can Do For You:

  • Kitchen Cabinet With Sink
  • Integrate A Mini Fridge Into The Cabinet
  • Kitchen Sink & Electric Burners (2)
  • Bathroom With Stand Up Shower
  • Simple Toilet
  • Simple Sink

Some Less Common Upgrades Are Listed Below:

  1. Wooden Bed Frame
  2. Storage Under Bed Frame
  3. Bedside Lamps Attached To Wall
  4. Private Sunshade
  5. Lounge Chairs & Mini Table

Again this unit is made 100% in our factory and shipped to you directly.

This allows us to BUILD FASTER, have more control of the QUALITY of the finished product, and SHIP QUICKER to its final destination. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us as this is one of our most popular units! 

Call Us Today = 1-833-207-0456


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