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Here at Off Grid Dwellings we aim to bring you our full catalog of “alternative” living solutions.

Some products may be used for truly living off grid while others may just break away from the societal norm.

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One of our most popular sellers the Willoughby Flat Pack Unit is 143 square feet of useable space to turn transform into whatever you want!

Most common uses are listed below:

  • Backyard Office
  • Separate Workout Studio (At Home)
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Off Grid Mountain Retreat

While you could turn this space into whatever you want, the ability to have the unit flat packed and assembled on site is truly what makes this product line unique!

The smallest unit in our lineup and one of the few without a small overhang porch.

This unit is most often used as extra office space or man cave placed just outside the main home but it can be used for other purposes as well.

As you can see from the picture; one of our clients not only made a cute office space; but upgraded and built their own roof top deck on it as well.

That is what truly makes these prefabricated flat pack units so special. The ability to have a few people and minimal tools to put together this unit in just a few hours.

This is our smallest and cheapest “retreat” cabin that we offer. At 170 square feet this is a simple setup.

With the slanted roof and simple bathroom this unit is perfect for that off grid mountain retreat you always dream about!

This unit is most commonly purchased for campground / nature retreat type options as it provides you with just the basics!

This unit is also flat packed and shipped directly to your property so it makes it easier to move the single prefabricated pieces one by one if need be (especially useful for more remote locations).

Your Attention For 3 Minutes! Watch This Video Showing How Easy It Is To Install Our Flat Pack Units Upon Arrival!

This video is obviously only 40 second clips of multiple phases of the build (with more to go) but it gives you an idea of how quickly these homes can be put together.

Every flat pack unit we offer on this page is assembled the same way before using different methods to put on the exterior and roof!

This is a unit that you truly have to see to believe.

We have got plenty of exterior and interior photos of this unit on our product page and it is something you really should skim through to see for yourself.

Again this is a flat pack unit so you will need a contractor and his small team to assemble it; but it should be done within a day!

This unit boasts 538 square feet of space with part of that being an amazing loft view you HAVE to see for yourself!


This is where our units start to get a bit bigger and more functional uses start to come into play.

Want an office for two? No problem.

How about a Yoga or Art Studio? Sure can!

What about a workout room with free weights for Olympic lifts? This room is tall enough to handle that too!

One of my personal favorites was seeing this unit turned into a man cave for Sunday football.

They had the big screen tv, couches, mini fridge all setup with a wood deck around it where they placed their grill to BBQ during the game!


Our medium size flat pack cabin comes with a basic kitchen and simple bathroom.

This unit is probably our most popular for mountain / nature retreats as the slanted roof and basic amenities built into this unit make taking a weekend getaway much more manageable!

This unit has 293 square feet of usable space!

The Lanier Flat Pack Unit is our smallest flat pack option with a small overhang.

If I had to choose a single unit that was purchased most often for an extra workspace or art studio type of use for the backyard; it would be this unit.

This unit is 12 feet long x 8.2 feet wide x 9.2 feet tall.

With the huge forward facing windows it is easy to get plenty of natural light into your workspace.

Sets up in just a few hours with a couple of helpers!

Our Ozark Flat Pack Tiny Home is our largest container based tiny home.

This unit comes with a basic kitchen and bathroom so because of that we do recommend that our clients have a licensed contractor on hand to install this unit.

While it can easily be built in a day with a small team of helpers, due to it having a simple bathroom and basic kitchen setup it is recommend to have a trained professional on hand.

This unit is 238 Square feet of living space!

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