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Ozark Flat Pack Tiny Home

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Powell Flat Pack Forest Cabin

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Echo Flat Pack Retreat Cabin

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Our Echo Flat Pack Retreat Cabin Is Our Smallest And Simplest “Mini” House We Offer

Our Echo Prefabricated Cabin is the smallest retreat like unit we offer!

With 170 square feet of living space this unit is perfect for nature retreats, off grid units and even campground rentals (as you will see more of below).

Built inside our factory, our prefabricated panels allow us to build this Echo unit faster than a normal home while making installation a breeze!

Learn more about our smallest prefabricated cabin below!

Echo Cabin Retreat Features & Specs:

What makes this Echo Prefabricated Home so amazing is the fact that it can be used in multiple ways!

These units are usually used as a “Nature Retreat” style setup we have seen other customers use it for the following:

  • Mother-in-law Suite
  • Guest Room In Backyard
  • Air-BnB Rental
  • Campground Rental
  • Mountain Getaway

**Remember this is the SMALLEST Forest Cabin we offer.

***If you would like to see our other two options click one of the button!

While you can change a few things on the Echo unit you get the following with every purchase:

  1. All Walls & Siding Needed To Set Up The Structure Of The Cabin
  2. Roofing Materials To Complete Home
  3. Basic Insulation for Walls, Floor and Roof
  4. Exterior Siding To Be Attached To Prefabricated Unit
  5. Interior Materials & Flooring Materials To Complete Inside Of Unit
  6. Basic Wiring From 100v – 240v With Ability Run Your Own Wired Through Our Prefabricated Wall Pieces
  7. High Quality & Durable Windows For Better Insulation of Heat and Sound
  8. Free Shipping Directly To Your Location But YOU Must Have Forklift On Hand (or similar) To Unload The Pieces From Delivery Truck.

Check Out A Customer Campground Rental Build That Was Completed Last Year!

As you can see our Echo units can be used in many ways. What we loved about this build was how the client built a side deck for each unit!

With no kitchen inside these Echo units setting up the side deck allowed for not only a nice sitting area, but a perfect place to put a grill to allow visitors to cook the basics while staying overnight!

With a mini-fridge inside you are all set for a few days!

Below Are More Photos Of How Your Unit Arrives!

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Unit Arrives as shown (flat packed) in container. The crane is not needed for most builds but this customer had to BUILD the unit; THEN lift it and place it in a very weird spot. A forklift is recommended though for roof!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us as this is one of our most popular units!

Call Us Today = 1-833-207-0456


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