Best Off-Grid Dwelling Deals for 2023

Our Most Popular Models On Sale for 2023

With the uncertainty of the US economy and the housing market seemingly changing year to year, we at would like to provide more options for the housing market. You might have seen the success stories about people who have taken advantage of the rental market, in places like Texas and Florida, by placing low cost and quick set up dwellings for their land as rental spots.

With all of the options available in the market, it can be an overwhelming experience deciding which home is right for you and your project. Here at our goal is to educate our customers on their options. Take a look at this guide for our best deals of the season.

Some of these deals will be the best price we have all year long. If you have any questions, simply contact us here, or call us at 833-207-0456 and one of our reps will answer any questions you may have!

For more general information about our dwellings, i.e. different foundation types, seasonal factors (such as insulation) & installation setups, be sure to check out the main product pages or call us at 833-207-0456.

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Norman Luxury Tiny Home (Prefabricated Flatpack Kit) ~ $5,000 OFF

This is a unit that you truly have to see to believe.

And with an extra $5,000 Off, this is the best deal you will get all year long. Get our most popular unit at the lowest price available!

From the retractable window shades to the programmable AC controls; this tiny home is taking the leap and catching up to modern home amenities in “tiny” form!

This unit boasts 538 square feet of space with part of that being an amazing loft view you HAVE to see for yourself!

North Cascades 2-3 Bedroom Expandable Shipping Container Home ~ $2,500 OFF

Our new expandable container home is something like you have never seen before! Thanks to our engineers we are able to fit a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom house into a single container.

This allows us to keep costs down for delivery of the Container Home; which we pass directly onto our customers!

Our Appalachian expandable container is something that is perfect for a small family, a lake house, or a cabin getaway.

With features like a complete bathroom w/ shower, completed cabinets, standard electrical & plumbing, and a foldable design ~ at $2500 Off this will be the deal of the season!

The 20ft Upgraded Intergalactic Dome Home ~ $1,000 OFF

As you can see our Intergalactic Dome House is the most advanced, durable and easy to transport dome house on the market today.

Priced at just over $24,000 our Intergalactic Dome Home can create the perfect mountain retreat, man cave setup or actual living space for a fraction of the cost compared to other housing options.

**A popular option amongst our customers is purchasing multiple domes and connecting them to a central dome.

**Think of the “web thinking maps” you used to create as a child in school with the central dome being the main living area and the other connected domes being bedrooms, bathroom / laundry room combinations, etc…

The Gateway Arch 1 Bedroom Shipping Container Home ~ $5,000 OFF

This product is one of the best sellers that we have at Off Grid Dwellings. From the sleek design to the incredibly low cost (yes this truly is under $60,000), you will not find a more impressive AND affordable 1 bedroom container home on the market.

From the huge 8-foot tall windows to the spacious covered deck, this container home has it all.

By combining THREE 20′ shipping containers (just the frame of the last shipping container makes the covered deck area) you are able to create a clear separation of space.

At $54,995 ($5000 savings) this will be the lowest price for our most popular dwelling we will have in a long time!

Have Questions? Ask Our Experts

This guide is intended to help you become familiar with our dwellings and for your to get the best deals of the season. We realize however that it may not provide every answer that you’re looking for. If you have any questions along the way, or need some help in choosing which dwelling is right for you just give us a call at 833-207-0456. You can also reach us via email at Our team of experts are knowledgeable and ready to help with any and all of your questions.

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