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Get This Tiny House On Wheels With Loft Area At A Price You Will Not Believe!

This tiny home sets a new standard for “living tiny.” This tiny home on wheels would cost well above $50,000 on our competitors site, but can be yours for less than $45,000.

Yes, you read that right. That comes fully equipped with everything you see in the pictures below AND free delivery!

Did we also mention there is No Sales Tax?

From the fully furnished bathroom to the spacious loft area to even basic upgrades like power outlets throughout the entire home, you will be blown away by this supersized tiny home!

24′ Tiny Home On Wheels Features:

We are able to ensure delivery within 8 weeks as this is built entirely inside the comfort of our factory.

That allows us to keep up with strict deadlines as we will never have weather delays or any sort of damage done to the products (say wood pieces out in the snow, rain, etc…) during our build.

So with the savings we get from avoiding costly delays, we pack as many features as we can into this tiny home to give our customers the best bang for their buck!

  • Approximately 200 sq ft of living space in the main area + another 120 sq ft of loft living space!
  • Has easily accessible RV and Water Connections
  • Comes With Extra Loft Space
  • Comes With Fully Installed Shower, Toilet & Sink Vanity
  • Basic Kitchen Sink & Cabinets Installed
  • Over 10 Electrical Outlets
  • Beautifully Treated Wood On Both The Inside & Outside
  • 3 Year Warranty

Off Grid Dwellings Only Uses Quality Materials Both Inside & Out…

Here at Off Grid Dwellings we have made the decision to only use the best quality materials inside our homes. This means that you have two options.

Buy our units with the materials WE choose or as a empty shell for you to work on (popular option for DIYers).

In our units we use the following high grade materials:

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Metal & Wood Studs Next To Each Other
  • PEX Piping For All Plumbing Needs
  • Double Paned Windows

This list could go on for a while but we think you get the point.

We have been asked in the past to help customers “save money” by using fiberglass insulation or single-paned windows. While we entertained the idea before; we will NO longer do so.

Sometimes a company has to protect customers from themselves!

Which is what we are hoping to do by offering these high grade materials or a empty shell option!

Make Your Mark On Your 24′ Tiny Home:

Customers do have to make a few decisions on this tiny home. While we provide the design and layout, these choices need to be made for your own touches to be on your new home!

  1.  Light or Dark Wood – We allow our customers to choose the color of the wood for both the inside & outside of the tiny home to ensure they are happy with the “style” and “look” of it!
  2.  Sliding Glass Doors or Foldable Glass Doors – We leave it 100% up to our customers what style of doors they would like. This way it controls how much of nature you want to allow in on a regular basis!
  3.  Refrigerator & Oven Options – Some people LOVE to cook. Others will BBQ outside on the grill all day. Instead of forcing you into a set kitchen area we simply supply the outlets and let you choose which appliances would get the most use for your particular situation!

Make your mark on your own tiny home purchase with the choices above and a few others, ensuring you feel right at home in your new purchase!

24′ Supersized Tiny Home On Wheels Specs:

  • 24′ Long x 8′ Wide x 13.5′ Tall
  • 320sq ft of livable space (Main Area & Loft)
  • Can Withstand Wind Up To 100 MPH
  • Can Withstand Earthquakes Up To Richter Scale 8
  • Can Withstand Up To 20lbs of Snow Per Square Foot!
  • Weighs: 10,000 Pounds

Is this container home still outside of your budget? Consider taking a look at our DIY Cabins or Dome HomesPricing starts as low as $4,995

Off Grid Dwelling USA Made Container Homes


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