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The 20 ft. Diameter Portable Dome Kit with 312 sq. ft. Ready-to-Assemble DIY Modern Dome

This is the Original Mars Dome home that has been used all over the globe. The Mars Dome house has been used as natural disaster relief on 6 continents, as actual living quarters on 4 continents, and as AirBnB Rentals on 2 continents!

Their unique structure and durability allows them to be used in some of the coldest and most remote conditions. An amazing lodge in remote Alaska was built with these materials a few years back. 

Maybe hot weather is more your thing, which makes this another great choice as the fiberglass and plastic infused “shell pieces” can withstand heats that many ovens cannot reach!

The Original Mars Dome Kit Specifications:

  • 20-foot (6.1 meters) diameter
  • 312 sq. ft. (29 sq. m.)
  • Height at center: 11 ft 8 in (3.57 meters)
  • Note: Image color may vary from actual product. R2D2 Design was done by customer and is not purchased like that.

    Constructions similar to our Mars Dome Yurt have been used by organizations like the Red Cross, UN, and the USCG as a quick-to-set-up home that is also extremely strong.

    The fiberglass-reinforced plastic used in the construction of this dome is extremely strong and is designed to withstand natural forces like hurricanes, so you can feel safe and protected when the weather takes a turn for the worst. These portable domes are so tough that they can last over 40 years without any issues.

    The ingenious petal design of this dome makes it easy to set up, which can be done in as little as 1.5 hours if you have a helping hand.

    You can sleep soundly knowing that this dome is:

    • Wind Resistant Up To 110 MPH (when attached to a foundation)
    • Earthquake Resistant
    • Can pressure wash siding every couple years to keep like new
    • Can have extra insulation added in if need
    • This list truly could go on and on!

    Each Original Mars Dome Kit Includes:

    • Easy to assemble dome kit with only 27 total pieces
    • 2 glass windows for plenty of natural sunlight
    • 1 door
    • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic for a long-lasting and durable shell.

    Also Standard With Every Dome Purchase

    • The Best Pricing On The Market
    • Super FREE Fast Shipping
    • Top Notch Customer Service
    • Secure Shopping Experience
    • Access To U.S. Based Experts
    • Financing Options Available

    Dome Home Construction and Design

    The unique petal construction of the Mars Dome doesn’t just make it quick and easy to build, it also makes it easy to transport. This means that you can have your dream home anywhere in the world and rest assured that you are safe behind its strong shell.

    The two glass windows of the Mars Dome House can be opened to let in fresh air and the dome itself can be insulated (or not) depending on your specific needs. Some people have decided to actually cover their dome home in mud creating an awesome insulating layer that has been used and perfected since antiquity.

    **It also kind of makes you feel like a real life hobbit by using the above technique!

    All this at a price that will shock you! For $15,497 you get the entire Mars Dome Kit, including the dome itself, two glass windows, door, and shipping to your location. The dream life is attainable and mortgage-free with

    Are you ready to finally live the life of freedom you’ve always dreamed of? If so we are ready to help you. Give us a call today at 833-207-0456 and we can answer any questions you may have help you find the right home for you!

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    Pricing starts as low as $4,995


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