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This Partially Furnished 1 Bedroom Shipping Container Home Will Blow You Away!

This product is one of the best sellers that we have at Off Grid Dwellings. From the sleek design to the incredibly low cost (yes this truly is under $60,000), you will not find a more impressive AND affordable 1 bedroom container home on the market.

From the huge 8-foot tall windows to the spacious covered deck, this container home has it all.

By combining THREE 20′ shipping containers (just the frame of the last shipping container makes the covered deck area) you are able to create a clear separation of space.

Find out even more about the features of this container home below.

1 Bedroom Container Home With Covered Deck Features:

This container home is HUGE (by tiny home standards) with 320sq ft of livable inside space with an extra 160sq ft of outdoor space with your covered deck.

Here are a few more cool features of this home:

  • 480 Total Sq. Ft. of usable living space (inside & out)
  • Pre-Defined Bedroom & Bathroom
  • Pre-Defined Living Room & Kitchen
  • Basic Bathroom Sink & Shower Included
  • Basic Kitchen Sink & Counter Included
  • 8 Foot Tall Windows On Each Container
  • Double Pane Window & Doors
  • Pre-Wired Electric and Lighting
  • Insulation Pre-Installed Into The Walls
  • Water Supply Connections Easily Accessible

This list truly could go on and on with the amount of things packed into this 1 bedroom container home.

Below we will highlight a few things our customers constantly rave about!

Brand New Features We Added On To This 1 Bedroom Container Home:

As we have mentioned many times on other product pages, we are constantly looking to improve our product offerings. This product is no different! Here are some of the upgrades we added based on previous customer recommendations:

  1.  Specialized Locks – We made sure that you can lock your entryway sliding glass door with specialized locks we created to keep you safe and secure!
  2.  Double-Pane Windows & Doors – Our first version was only single pane glass. We made it twice as thick to ensure not only better quality windows, but better insulation as well!
  3.  Water Connections – While there is basic plumbing throughout this unit we do have water supply connections available as well!
  4.  Side Electric Panel – While we ran basic electric throughout this 1 bedroom container home we added a side panel for easy access should you need it!

1 Bedroom Container House Specs:

  • 25′ Long x 20′ Wide x 8′ Tall
  • 320 sq ft of livable space (INSIDE)
  • 160 sq ft of livable space (Covered Deck OUTSIDE)
  • Can Withstand Wind Up To 110 MPH
  • Can Withstand Earthquakes Up To Richter Scale 8
  • Can Withstand Up To 20lbs of Snow Per Square Foot!
  • Weighs: 7500 lbs per container (x3)

**We usually recommend 4-6 workers to put this together. It can be done in less than half a day and instructions for setup are sent out before the item ships to ensure plenty of time to gather required hands and tools!

Is this container home still outside of your budget? Consider taking a look at our DIY Cabins or Dome HomesPricing starts as low as $4,995

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