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Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer: Adventure-Ready Design


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Olomana Off Road Cargo/Camper Trailer – Heavy Duty Build



Off-Road Adventures Made Easy with the Olomana Cargo/Camper Trailer

If you’re looking for a versatile and durable trailer that can keep up with all your off-road adventures, the Olomana Off Road Cargo/Camper Trailer is the perfect choice.

This high-quality trailer is built to last, with features and design elements that make it the ideal choice for campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Learn a bit more about our product below:

Use Travel Trailer
Max Payload 2,000 lbs
Size L 87 in x W 74 in x H 65 in
Brand Name Off Grid Dwellings
Type Cargo/Camper Trailer
Material Aluminum Frame or Galvanized Steel Sheets
Color Choice Customizable
Tire Size MT / All terrain / R17 / 33 inches
Kitchen Pull Out Kitchen
Water Tank 100L Water Tank
Suspension Independent Suspension System with Twin Shock Absorbers
Finish Powder Coated


Take Your Gear on the Go with the Spacious Cargo Area

One of the key features of the Olomana Cargo/Camper Trailer is its spacious cargo area, which can be used to store all your camping gear, hiking equipment, and more.

With a max payload of up to 4300 pounds, this trailer has plenty of room for everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free outdoor adventure.

Experience Comfortable and Convenient Camping with the Built-In Camper

In addition to its generous cargo area, the Olomana Cargo/Camper Trailer also includes a built-in camper that can comfortably sleep up to four people (when using the rooftop tent).

With a sturdy aluminum frame and a durable fabric cover, the camper is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor life while providing a comfortable and cozy place to rest after a long day of exploring.

Our Olomana unit comes with a 100L water tank that provides ample water storage for your camping and outdoor needs. With this large capacity, you won’t have to worry about running out of water during your adventure!

Rugged Design and High-Quality Construction for Maximum Durability

The Olomana Cargo/Camper Trailer is built to last, with a rugged design and high-quality construction that ensures it can handle even the toughest off-road conditions.

From its heavy-duty suspension system to its durable frame and components, this trailer is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance for years to come.

With your choice of an aluminum frame or galvanized steel sheets that can withstand even the toughest off-road conditions. The trailer is finished with a powder-coated exterior that provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring that your investment will last for years to come.

Learn more about its specs below:

  • Trailer Chassis: The trailer chassis is made from 75mm x 50mm x 3mm thick steel with rolled edges. It features a hot-dipped galvanized A-frame to protect the steel from corrosion.
  • Trailer Frame: The trailer frame is made from full aluminum and powder coated for maximum durability and longevity.
  • Carrier: The Olomana Off Road Cargo/Camper Trailer comes equipped with heavy-duty roof racks with tie-down points, making it easy to carry small boats or kayaks.
  • Suspension Fixings: High tensile fixings ensure that the suspension system is securely attached to the trailer.
  • Suspension: The independent suspension system features twin shock absorbers and coil springs for a smooth and stable ride on any terrain.
  • Drop Down Legs: The corner wind-down supports provide stabilization for the trailer when parked.
  • Stone Guard: The trailer is equipped with a stone guard that runs in-line with the front toolbox and storage unit, protecting against damage from stones and rocks.
  • Water Tank: The trailer includes a 125-liter food-grade polyethylene water tank for use with the kitchen and shower.
  • Kitchen: The trailer is equipped with a stainless steel-topped kitchen and flip-over bench, providing a convenient and durable cooking and food prep surface.

With its high-quality construction and premium features, the Olomana Off Road Cargo/Camper Trailer is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best. Whether you’re heading out on a weekend camping trip or embarking on a longer adventure, this trailer is designed to provide a reliable and comfortable home away from home.


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