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Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer: Adventure-Ready Design



Explore the Great Outdoors with Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer

The Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to explore the great outdoors with all the comforts of home.

With its rugged and durable design, this trailer can handle any terrain you encounter. The trailer features heavy-duty tires, a steel frame, and a reinforced body, so you can take it anywhere with confidence.

The rooftop tent is also included, providing a comfortable sleeping space that keeps you off the ground and protected from the elements.

Check out some of the specs on our best seller below:

Feature Description
Trailer Type Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer
Rooftop Tent Included
Design Rugged and durable
Tires Heavy-duty
Frame Steel
Body Reinforced
Storage Multiple compartments and drawers
Hitch Convenient and easy to attach
Sleeping Space Spacious rooftop tent
Lighting LED
Kitchenette Includes sink and stove
Refrigerator Slide-out
Power Solar panel included


Convenient Storage and Transport: Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer

One of the best features of the Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer is its ample storage space. The trailer includes multiple compartments and drawers that provide plenty of room for all of your gear, whether you’re on a weekend camping trip or an extended road trip.

The trailer also has a convenient hitch that makes it easy to attach to your vehicle and transport wherever your adventures take you.

Product Features Specifications
Max Payload 1,400+lbs – carry all your gear and equipment with ease
Size 185” L x 73” W x 83” H – spacious and comfortable living space
Brand Name Off Grid Dwellings – trusted and reliable brand
Product Name Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer – versatile and multipurpose
Color Multiple Color Options – choose the design that fits your style
Usage Outdoor RV Travelling Life – perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and RV travel
Tent Top Roof Tent – convenient and comfortable sleeping space
Water Tank 25 gallons – plenty of fresh water for extended trips
Suspension Independent Suspension – smooth and stable ride
Frame Galvanized steel – durable and long-lasting
Chassis Steel+Hot Dipped Zinc Fully Galvanized – resistant to rust and corrosion
Sleeping Rooftop Tent – convenient and comfortable sleeping space
Mattress Spring Mattress – offers a good night’s sleep on your adventures
Axle Dual-axis – provides stability and balance while towing
Brake 10 inch Electric Brake – safe and reliable stopping power
Hub 17 inch Aluminum Alloy – lightweight and durable
Tires 265/70 R17 – rugged and durable for off-road adventures


Comfortable and Efficient Living Space with Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer

The Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer is designed with your comfort in mind.

The rooftop tent is spacious and comfortable, and the trailer itself includes features like LED lighting, a kitchenette with a sink and stove, and a slide-out refrigerator. This means you can enjoy all the comforts of home while you’re on the road.

The trailer also includes a solar panel, ensuring you have access to power even in remote locations.

For more specific details see the table below:


Standard Features Specifications
Fresh Water Tank 1 x 25 Gallons – plenty of fresh water for extended trips
Water Inlet PE Water Inlet – easy access to refill your water tank
Tap Hot and Cold Tap(CE) – enjoy hot showers and clean dishes no matter where you are
Gas System 20 pounds Gas Bottle Holder – always have access to cooking fuel on the go
Front Connector 7 CORE Circle Connector – easy connectivity to your towing vehicle
Plug 50A Anderson Plug – fast charging for your battery and solar panel
Solar Panel 12V, 100W – enjoy off-grid power and save on campground fees
Batteries 12V 100AH – reliable power source for your appliances and devices
Front Jockey Wheel Left Lifting Type – easily maneuver your trailer into any spot
Lights LED Light – efficient lighting for night-time activities


With the Kamakou Off Road Cargo Camper Trailer, you’ll have everything you need to experience the great outdoors in comfort and style.

From the spacious fresh water tank to the hot and cold tap, this trailer is equipped to keep you comfortable on extended trips. The gas system and solar panel ensure you have reliable power and cooking fuel, no matter where you go.

The lightweight design and left-lifting front jockey wheel make it easy to move and park the trailer wherever you want. And with efficient LED lighting, you can enjoy all your favorite activities at any time of day.


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