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Kawaikini – Our Small Light Weight Travel Trailer



Kawaikini: The Perfect Small Light Weight Travel Trailer

The Kawaikini travel trailer is the perfect solution for those looking for a compact and lightweight option for their outdoor adventures.

With a sleek design that measures easily under 15 feet (135.83 inches (L) x 70.87 inches (W) x 66.93 inches (H)), this trailer is easy to tow and maneuver, making it a great option for both novice and experienced adventurers.

Its lightweight construction makes it fuel-efficient, ensuring that you can take it on long trips (easily towable) without worrying about breaking the bank.

Check out a few features of the Kawaikini lightweight travel trailer below:

  • Enjoy Ultimate Off-Road Performance with Independent Suspension System: The Kawaikini travel trailer is designed to handle any terrain with ease, thanks to its independent suspension system. This innovative feature allows the small trailer to adjust the height to your drive, ensuring that you have a more comfortable level of clearance for optimal off-road performance. No matter where your adventure takes you, you can rest assured that the Kawaikini has got you covered.
  • Fully Equipped Slide-Out Kitchen for Outdoor Dining (Upgraded Version Below): The Kawaikini travel trailer features a fully equipped slide-out kitchen, complete with a refrigerator and storage cabinets for all your cooking essentials. The AGA-certified stove is also equipped with a hand basin that adjusts to the perfect position, ensuring that you have everything you need for the perfect outdoor dining experience. With this thoughtful and functional design, you’ll be able to whip up delicious meals and enjoy them in the great outdoors.
    • Still have a great rear use kitchen in our base model! Everything listed in the previous bullet point with out the “sliding-out” part!
  • Rooftop Tent Provides Extra Sleeping Space for Comfortable Camping: Enhance your camping experience by adding a rooftop tent to your Kawaikini, which provides extra sleeping space inside the trailer. An large roof top tent can be added to our small travel trailer, providing ample room for you and your loved ones to rest and relax after a long day of exploring. With this added feature, you can fully embrace the camping lifestyle and enjoy the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Discover the Convenience and Comfort of the Kawaikini Camping Trailer

Although it may be small, the Kawaikini travel trailer packs a big punch when it comes to comfort.

Its interior is designed to maximize space, providing ample room for relaxation and unwinding after a long day of exploring.

The cozy sleeping quarters comfortably accommodates 2 people (Easily can sleep an additional 2-3 adults once a roof top tent is attached), with additional storage areas for added convenience. You’ll also love the stylish and modern finishes that make the Kawaikini feel like a home away from home.

Travel in Style with the Kawaikini Travel Trailer – Built To Last For Long Term Use

Investing in one of the best lightweight travel trailer means investing in a product that is built to last. This teardrop trailer is the perfect pull behind camper for compact travel.

Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure that it can withstand even the most rugged outdoor conditions. This light travel trailer is perfect for customers looking for a small / tiny trailer that can still withstand a bit of off-roading!

Whether you’re taking it on a weekend camping trip or embarking on a cross-country adventure, the Kawaikini will hold up and provide you with the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your travels to the fullest.

See more detailed specs below:

Feature Description
Max Payload With a maximum payload of 800kg, the Kawaikini Small Light Weight Camper Trailer is designed to carry all of your camping gear and essentials with ease.
Size Measuring 135.83 inches (L) x 70.87 inches (W) x 66.93 inches (H), this trailer is the perfect size for your next outdoor adventure.
Product Name The Kawaikini Small Camper Trailer is the ultimate solution for those looking for a comfortable and convenient camping experience.
Material Made from galvanized steel, this trailer is built to withstand the elements and provide reliable performance for years to come.
Color Available in a variety of colors to suit your individual style and preferences.
Suspension With independent suspension, this trailer is designed to handle any terrain with ease and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
Chassis The hot dipped galvanized chassis ensures that this trailer is built to last, even in harsh outdoor conditions.
Kitchen The Rear Use kitchen is a small kitchen that is fully equipped with everything you need to prepare delicious meals on the go, making it easy to enjoy the ultimate outdoor dining experience.
Tire With 265/75R16 tires, this trailer provides superior traction and stability, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.
Brakes The 12″ electric brake with hand brake provides reliable stopping power, giving you peace of mind on even the steepest hills.
Wheel The aluminum alloy rim adds a touch of style and sophistication to this already impressive camper trailer.


The Kawaikini 2.0: The Upgraded Travel Trailer that Will Take You Anywhere

Everything that our base model has with just a few upgrades. Those upgrades for this lightweight trailer are listed below:

  1. A bit bigger everywhere – At 4 inches bigger in each Length, Width, and Height you get a bit more space for everything. From extra storage to a little more sleeping room inside the cabin; these 4 inches make a bigger difference than you realize. All while staying small and lightweight like our customers have come to love about our Kawaikini model! This perfect little camper can still be pulled by an SUV with no problem at all!
  2. Slide Out Kitchen – Same great kitchen as our base model but now it slides out providing even more storage space and room to cook delicious meals on the road!
  3. Slightly Heavier Duty Design – All the ruggedness that you love from our base Kawaikini model; upped about 10% for even more durability and longevity!


We hope that this description has provided you with a glimpse of the incredible features and benefits that the Kawaikini small lightweight camper trailer has to offer. Of all the ultra-light travel trailers on the market our compact travel trailer stands apart from the rest.

Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or a first-time camper, this affordable small trailer is designed to provide you with the perfect combination of convenience, comfort, and durability.

If you’re ready to take your outdoor experiences to the next level, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about the Kawaikini and how it can enhance your next adventure.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team is standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your journey with the Kawaikini today!

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Base Model or Upgraded Model

Base Model, Upgraded Model


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