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Create Your Own Container Home With Our Foldable 20′ Shipping Container

This 20ft shipping container home is the perfect option for anyone who is looking to live simpler, live smaller BUT add your own touch onto your next living space.

Our Foldable 20′ Shipping Container is so unique that it can be unloaded from the truck, “unfolded” and put together in less than 1 hour with just a few helping hands!

This container home comes bare bones with 2 windows and a door but plenty of hidden features…

The first being that there actually is basic insulation prebuilt into the walls of this container home making sure that whether or not you add more insulation to your new dream home; you will not have just plain steel sheet walls when starting out.

The second feature many customers tend to appreciate is that while there is a steel frame on this unit, many of the outer walls are made of aluminum which SIGNIFICANTLY cuts down on rusting as the container home ages!

Foldable 20ft Shipping Container Home Features:

This foldable shipping container can fit up to 10 units into a single 40ft container. Its unique style / setup makes it quick and easy to pop up multiple foldable containers in half a day or less.

Check out a few of the standard features below:

  • 20ft Blank Canvas For You To Make Your Own (160sq ft)
  • Rust-Resistant Paint Applied To Steel Frame To Help The Container Home Stay Rust Free For 10+ Years (Applying Your Own Rust-Preventative Materials Every Few Years Is Recommended)
  • Basic Insulation Pre-Built Into The Walls
  • Comes Standard With Two Double-Paned Windows
  • Comes Standard With a Regular Sized Door
  • Sets Up In Less Than 1 Hour With Three Workers

Not exactly what you are looking for? Consider taking a look at our DIY Cabins or Container HomesPricing starts as low as $4,995

Foldable 20ft Shipping Container Specs:

  • 20ft Long by 8ft Wide by 8ft Tall
  • 160 sq ft of livable space.
  • Can Withstand Wind Up To 70 MPH
  • Can Withstand Earthquakes Up To Richter Scale 7
  • Can Withstand Up To 15lbs of Snow Per Square Foot!
  • Weighs: Approx 7000 lbs.

**It must be noted that this foldable shipping container DOES need a crane like attachment to raise it up. We have seen our customers in the past think that 8 or so of them could lift it up without any mechanical aid. They were wrong. Don’t be like them…


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