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We Love The Outdoors!

Over the past few years we have seen prices absolutely skyrocket on houses all over the U.S. 

Expensive houses are no longer just set to major cities or on the coastlines! With prices going up everywhere and wages staying basically the same; the chance of home ownership let alone a mountain retreat or off grid getaway; is a dream that is fading fast for many Americans!

That is where Off Grid Dwellings comes in. We made it our mission the last few years to provide a high quality livable unit that does not break the bank!

Our units can be used as their own Forest Retreat Cabins or Air-Bnb units for extra income. Some customers get our units for extra living space while others are simply looking for an extra office. 

Either way it is our goal here at Off Grid Dwellings to provide the best possible product at the lowest prices. 

We offer Free Shipping on all the units we sell and 90% of our units are FLAT PACK style units. 

This means that we create your ENTIRE unit inside one of our factories where we can control the entire building process. We can ensure the right materials are used and most importantly; we can pack and ship these units much more effectively than other competitors. 

This allows us to keep prices down while providing incredible quality units. 

Take a look at our Featured Products Page to see some of our best sellers!

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