Sydni 18 x 13 modern shed


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This spacious contemporary shed can easily become your ideal home office, art studio, guest house, or even a tiny house. The stylish structure is partitioned for a small bathroom or walk-in closet, and a nook for a kitchen or other installation.

A lot of daylight inside and a warm natural wood interior will make it the most productive and most relaxing space on earth.

Please note, this shed is made to order, which currently takes 4-6 months between the order date and delivery.

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  • 207 sq ft total floor area;
  • 24 sq ft room with door;
  • 35 sq ft partitioned area;
  • 150 sq ft main space;
  • Extra thick premium double Tongue & Groove wood construction;
  • 3 ft overhang;
  • Assemble in 2-3 days;

Measurements and Technical Information

Temporarily unavailable
207.00 sq. ft.
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Wood type:
All natural tongue and groove Norway Spruce solid wood
Wall thickness:
1 3/4" (44mm) T&G
3/4" T&G Norway Spruce
3/4" T&G Norway Spruce, pressure treated floor joists
Outside size:
18' x 13'
Inside size:
17' x 12' 1.5"
Recommended foundation:
17' 4.25" x 12' 5"
Height in front:
8' 9"
Height in back:

3 long windows:
1' 10" x 6'7" with double pane glass, do not open
3 regular windows:
1'10" x 3'6" with double pane glass, tilt & turn style
Double doors:
4'7" x 6'9" with double pane glass
Single solid door inside:
2' 10" x 6' 3"
Roof slope:
Roof load rating:
24 lbs/sq ft
Package size:
4' x 4' x 20'
Package weight:
5710 lb
Floor joists, floor boards, roof boards, fascia boards, deck boards
Not included:
Roofing shingles, cabinets, furniture, appliances
Please make sure to obtain proper building permit prior to making a purchase. States and counties across the US have different regulations, and while our sheds and cabins meet most state requirements, they don't meet all. We will gladly assist you.


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