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The Io Soundproofing Pod Is Our Most Popular Option For Busy Indoor Areas!

Our Io Soundproofing Pod is built to hold 1-2 people and is most commonly ordered for co-working spaces or busy offices.

This unit is double the size of our Europa unit and it allows for many more uses!

Bringing in a laptop to do a bit of uninterrupted work or stepping into one of our Io soundproofing pods for a zoom business video call is a piece of cake!

Real Life Uses In Offices, Malls & Recording Studios

Check Out The Amazing Features & Awards Of Our Soundproofing Pods

Take a look at the incredible features and technology jam packed into each one of our Callisto Soundproofing Pods.

Standard Features In All Of Our Sound Pods:

  • Soundproofing Tempered Glass (same glass used for windows on High Speed Trains)
  • Carbon Composite Soundproofing Panels
  • Aluminum Frame for ease of breaking down & setting up again (lightweight but durable)
  • Silent Ventilation System
  • 2 to 3 Plugs per Sound Pod with USB ports as well for cellphones!
  • Natural Lighting System that is motion activated as well as with a physical switch.
  • Single Channel Digital Music System With Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Can Have 100 – 240 volts installed depending on where in the world we are shipping this too!
  • STC Rating 30 (THIS IS HUGE!!! Most soundproofing materials on the market only reduce sound by 15 – 25 decibels. Ours DOUBLES the lowest number!)

With such an innovative and amazing product our Sound Pods have been used at MAJOR companies all over the world:

  • Nvidia (USA Campus)
  • Samsung (Korea)
  • Boeing (Singapore)
  • and many more locations globally!

If You Aren’t Sold Yet, Here Is Even More Information And Photos From Clients

Our Sound Pods are MADE TO ORDER and can be sent by Air, Sea or Freight.

We currently offer FREE SHIPPING on SEA or FREIGHT options.

Any Questions? Call 833-207-0456


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