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This 20ft container home is the perfect solution for many of our customers. Some want to use it as a mountain retreat. Others want it as an extra bedroom in their backyard for guests.

This 20′ studio shipping container has enough features that it can act as a stand alone / already done option; yet is flexible enough to allow your own personal touches to it to make it your own!

What many customers love about this option is the big sliding glass doors that lead right out onto that deck. Creating that little bit of outside space goes a long way in a studio option of this size! See attached video of the build w/o the deck attached on yet.

Off Grid Dwellings Only Uses High Quality Materials In Our Builds…

Here at Off Grid Dwellings we have made the decision to only use the best quality materials inside our homes. This means that you have two options.

Buy our units with the materials WE choose or as a empty shell for you to work on (popular option for DIYers).

In our units we use the following high grade materials:

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Metal & Wood Studs Next To Each Other
  • PEX Piping For All Plumbing Needs
  • Double Paned Windows

This list could go on for a while but we think you get the point.

We have been asked in the past to help customers “save money” by using fiberglass insulation or single-paned windows. While we entertained the idea before; we will NO longer do so.

Sometimes a company has to protect customers from themselves!

Which is what we are hoping to do by offering these high grade materials or a empty shell option!

20′ Studio Container Home Features:

This is one of our lower priced container home options that come with full wooden exterior walls and a decent size deck. Check out a few more of the features below:

  • 160 sq. ft of living space
  • Choose From 3 Different Wood Colors (Light, Medium, & Dark)
  • Pre-Built & Installed Shower, Toilet, and Sink Vanity
  • Pre-Installed Insulation Throughout All Sides Of The Studio
  • Pre-Installed Electrical & Lighting Fixtures
  • Preserved Timber Deck
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Floor to Ceiling Window Panels

Is this container home still outside of your budget? Consider taking a look at our DIY Cabins or Dome HomesPricing starts as low as $4,995

20′ Studio Shipping Container Specs:

  • 20′ Long x 8′ Wide x 8′ Tall
  • 160sq ft of livable space (INSIDE)
  • Can Withstand Wind Up To 100 MPH
  • Can Withstand Earthquakes Up To Richter Scale 7
  • Can Withstand Up To 15lbs of Snow Per Square Foot!
  • Weighs:

This Studio Container Home is one that you can truly put your own touch on. We have seen so many variations of this (AirBnb, Backyard Man Cave, Mother-in-Law Suite, etc…) that our customers never cease to impress us.

With basic customization options (such as permanent windows or foldable, various kitchen countertop styles, and inside flooring options) you can leave your own personal touch on your new 20′ Studio Container Home.

Send us a few pictures or videos of your setup and we will send you a gift card to a store of your choosing!

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind that the above image is without the deck attached. At the time that photo was taken, the deck was already loaded into the shipping container as this container was leaving for one of our customers that day.

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