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Sugarloaf 20′ Shipping Container Home – Made In USA (Upgraded Model)

Original price was: $53,000.00.Current price is: $49,995.00.

Mauna Loa 20′ Off Grid Container Home – Built In USA

20' Mauna Loa Off Grid Container Home With Solar Panels

Haleakala 20′ Tiny Home On Wheels – Made In USA

Original price was: $60,000.00.Current price is: $52,995.00.


Our 20′ Container Home Is Now A Tiny Home On Wheels

Our Haleakala 20′ Shipping Container Home is one of our first major upgrades to come out of our USA factory. Located in Southern Florida, our team has taken our Sugarloaf 20′ container home and with the help of another U.S. company we can now offer that unit on wheels!

For a limited time we will be offering this 20′ Haleakala Tiny Home On Wheels at price of $52,995 in exchange for photos and videos that we can use on our website and social media channels. This price will be going up soon.

Lets get into the details below:

  • Made from a single 20′ High Cube Container that has been used 1 time or not at all
  • Over 9 foot ceilings (No feelings of Claustrophobia in this unit)
  • Comes in a simple but efficient floorplan )
  • Premium Quality Materials Bought From The U.S. and Built Here In The U.S.
  • Can be plugged in for immediate use (just like an RV!)
  • Can be upgraded to our Northern Package for those living in colder climates
  • Some States Require A Fire Suppression System In Place (We Can Do That)
  • Receive Engineered Drawings And Documents After Purchase
  • Built To Meet Some Of The Strictest Building Codes In The United States (Miami County) So You KNOW You Are In Good Hands!

Everything Used To Build This Tiny Home On Wheels Came From A U.S. Company

Every single container used for this model has been used 1 time or less on the open ocean. This means the container will last that much longer and be much less susceptible to rust. Check out all the specs below:

  • New (1 trip container)
  • Premium Waterproof Plank Flooring
  • Drywall (smooth) Modern finish
  • Drywall Ceilings
  • Premium wood cabinets
  • LED Lighting Package
  • 8 Gal Water heater
  • Premium Plank Shower walls
  • Rain Shower

This 20′ Tiny Home On Wheels Will Be Your Little Paradise

This Haleakala 20′ 20′ Tiny Home On Wheels is a mini oasis you can actually live in. See the specific upgrades below (all of this included):

  • Bar sink / faucet
  • Premium Impact rated oversized commercial glass
  • Induction cooktop Installed
  • Shiplap upgrade in living and bedroom ceilings
  • Custom Built in bed with storage

The R-Values are R-22 for the ceiling and R-13 for the walls. If you want to see more take a look at our product photos, the video below or even come SCHEDULE A TOUR OF OUR U.S. FACTORY located right here in Florida.

You Can Even Turn This Unit Off Grid…

Lets say you want this unit to be your own little off grid workshop or even better an off grid retreat you visit on the weekends. For $15,000 we can make this thing run almost anything you can throw at it. Check out the specs below to see if it fits your needs:

20ft off grid package: $15,000
(2) 200AH lithium 24v batteries
(4) 450W solar panels
(1) 3000W 120v inverter / charge controller
(1) composting toilet with exhaust fan.

Two Different Ways To Get Your Tiny Home On Wheels

Simple but you will have to spend a bit more money?

  1. Feel free to have a courier drive your completed unit to you. Cost will depend on how far you live from our factory in Florida.
  2. Take a road trip to Florida and come and get your unit yourself. Drive it home or to wherever you will be calling home next!


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