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This Container Home With 2 Extra Large Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom Makes For The Ideal Living Space

The extra large bedrooms in the Andes unit are placed at opposite ends of your living space.  This provides you the extra privacy in your new container home that you desire.  The open space of the living room and kitchen layout allow for a perfect flow to your unit.

The upgraded kitchen floor plan with island is great for entertaining or kitchen prepping.

With floor to ceiling windows the entire 40’ length of this beautiful Container Home you will feel like you’re bringing the outside in!

What’s Included In Your Andes Extra Large 2 Bedroom Container Home:

  • Fully Completed & Installed Cabinets
  • Upgraded Kitchen Island
  • Included Bonus Upper Kitchen Cabinets
  • Counter Tops with Sink & Faucet
  • Your Choice of Granite Countertop Finish
  • Bathroom shower
  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Installed Kitchen and Bathroom Sink & Faucet
  • Completely Installed Toilet
  • Fully Insulated & Pre-Installed Water Connections 

Off Grid Dwellings Only Uses High Quality Materials In Our Builds…

Here at Off Grid Dwellings we have made the decision to only use the best quality materials inside our homes. This means that you have two options.

Buy our units with the materials WE choose or as a empty shell for you to work on (popular option for DIYers).

In our units we use the following high grade materials:

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Metal & Wood Studs Next To Each Other
  • PEX Piping For All Plumbing Needs
  • Double Paned Windows

This list could go on for a while but we think you get the point.

We have been asked in the past to help customers “save money” by using fiberglass insulation or single-paned windows. While we entertained the idea before; we will NO longer do so.

Sometimes a company has to protect customers from themselves!

Which is what we are hoping to do by offering these high grade materials or a empty shell option!

Extra Large 2 Bedroom Container Home Features:

Check out what makes this beautifully designed Container Home work

  • 640 sq. ft. of Living Space
  • 2 Extra Large Bedrooms
  • Length of the unit Floor to Ceiling windows
  • Full Bathroom with Shower, Vanity, & Toilet
  • Open floor plan design for your Kitchen & Living room areas
  • Pre-Installed Electric & Lighting Throughout The Home
  • Layout creates for a very clean and beautiful looking container home

Extra Large 2 Bedroom Container Home Highlights:

  • 40’ of Floor to Ceiling Windows – Having panoramic views the entire length of your container home allows you to bring the outside beauty nearly inside.
  • Upgraded Kitchen –  Kitchen Island included with bonus Upper Cabinets.
  • Extra Large Bedrooms – Gives you the living space you desire.

Bonus Upgradable Option!!

  • Fully Retractable Deck!  Protect your windows from weather or just give yourself additional optional privacy.  Deck retracts in 3-5 minutes. Amazing feature to include in your Container Home Purchase.  For only an additional $7,500 get this feature included in your new Container Home!

Extra Large 2 Bedroom Container Home Specs:

  • 40′ Long x 16′ Wide x 8′ Tall
  • 640 sq. ft. of livable space
  • Can Withstand Wind Up To 110 MPH
  • Can Withstand Earthquakes Up To Richter Scale 8
  • Can Withstand Up To 20lbs of Snow Per Square Foot!
  • Weight:

We are running a Free Shipping Promotion on this product till the end of the month. These are obviously NOT light units, so take advantage today and give us a call to speak to an Off Grid Dwellings Design Specialist!

Is this container home still outside of your budget? Consider taking a look at our DIY Cabins or Dome HomesPricing starts as low as $4,995

Off Grid Dwelling USA Made Container Homes


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