Is a Container Home Gym For You?

Is a Container Home Gym For You?

Container homes are on the rise as it’s becoming more available to people who seek a cheaper option of housing.  Besides a home, people are also being creative on the numerous possibilities that a shipping container can offer.  They are using these containers for greenhouses, swimming pools and yes, even a gym!

A Shipping Container Home Gym

There are many who would love to have their own at home gym but don’t have the space.  This is where a 20-foot container comes into play. 

A gym needs to be durable and a container home is just that, durable, heavy duty and affordable. It’s the perfect place to throw around weights and work up a sweat. 

Whether you have the container attached to your home or not, the design is up to you.  Make sure to at least have doors installed to lessen the noise and keep your exercise equipment out of view. 

There are a lot of ways to modify your gym container.  One example is using a 20-foot container (or larger) and having a part of it cut out so that it’s ventilated properly.  

There can be a roof over hanging to allow shade from the hot sun and protection from the rain; and glass sliding doors for a view.   

What Can Fit Into a Container Home Gym?

This will depend on what size of container a person chooses and what types of machines and weights are going to be used.  If a person is a power lifter or cross fitter, they may want more squat racks, free weights and rubber mats to keep the weights from getting damaged.  

Typically, a gym should have free weights, racks to hold the free weights, a few machines for cardio and muscle exercises, and mirrors to observe, monitor, and correct form if needed.  

Cost of Equipment For Home Gym?

Free weights can cost a lot unless bought in a package deal.  Here’s an example of free weight prices.  A rack of dumbbell weights can range from $200 to upwards of $1,500.  This ranges in weight from 1-pound up to 130-pound weights on the rack.

Prices of some popular cardio machines people consider for their gyms range from:

*Treadmill: $200-$12,000

*Elliptical: $100-$5,000 

*Spin Bike: $85-$3,300

*Row Machine:  $80-$2,000

*Skierg: $200-$900

*Stair Mill: $95-$7,700

*Airdynes:  $90-$1,200

*Jacobs Ladder: $3,000-$4,500

*Arch Trainer: $1000-$4000

*Recumbent Bike: $140-$6,500

Prices of resistant machines popular in a gym ranges from:

    *Leg press: $500-$3,500

    *Lat Pull-Down Bar: $150-$6,400

    *Cable Pulley Machines: $150-$5,300

    *Chess Press: $200-$14,000

Is a Container Home Gym For You?

If a home gym has been a dream , then it’s time to get a 20 foot container and make it a reality. Whether you make an addition to your home or have a separate stand alone building, a container gym is an affordable option.  

It will help you save money so that you can invest it in the equipment you want in your gym.  Here’s to saying “yes” to a container gym and having dreams come true!

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