How Much Does a Tiny House On Wheels Cost?

How Much Does a Tiny House On Wheels Cost?

With more and more people getting bitten by the wanderlust and minimalist lifestyle bug, the demand for tiny houses with wheels has consistently been on the rise.  Having a tiny house on wheels has made it easy for people to set their homebased wherever they want in a much shorter amount of time and have the flexibility to move their entire home as they please.

But how much does a tiny house on wheels cost?  And more importantly, is having a tiny house with wheels what you need?  Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Having Wheels

Having a tiny house in itself offers so many practical benefits for the modern-day homeowner.  Not only does it save on typical house maintenance costs, but it also allows them to have a lot more flexibility when it comes to literally moving their house wherever they want to. 

But, if what you are after is complete control of where to bring and place your tiny house, then having it come with wheels is the better option. Here are some unique benefits of having a tiny home on wheels:

  • Built-In Mobility — Now you don’t have to worry about your existing mortgage or finding a new place to live when the time comes that you have to move to another state, whether for work or other personal reasons.  You can take your tiny house with you just as easily when you have built-in wheels attached to it.  
  • Take Your Home on a Vacation — Just imagine how you can take your whole family to a vacation spot without even leaving the comfort of your own room, kitchen, living room, and so on.  Say goodbye to expensive vacation rentals and simply gas up your car, hook up the tiny home and make the drive to that vacation spot you’ve been eyeing for some time now! 
    • Save on Housing Costs — No mortgage, no rental fees, and much less maintenance costs… What more could you ask for?  If cutting on living expenses is truly what you’re after, then making the transition, albeit somewhat drastic for some, to a tiny house on wheels may well be worth it. 

    • Easier Maintenance Overall — If you consider the day-to-day tasks of maintaining a regular-sized home, having a tiny house is still the easier and more convenient option even with the fact that you also have to make sure that the wheels have no defects whatsoever.  It’s like looking after an oversized car, only this time, it’s your actual house that you can bring wherever you are willing to drive it to. 

    Do You Need Wheels For Your Tiny House?

    There are tiny houses and then there are tiny houses with wheels.  The question now stands: do you really need wheels for your tiny house?  The answer is: it depends.  Sure, that may be quite vague, but it really depends on a lot of factors that you need to consider before making a decision of what to ultimately go for. 

    If you’re looking for a simple tiny house with not much features, then you can get one as it is.  This one comes with a lower price tag and all you’ll need to do is simply have it delivered to where you want to have it placed and positioned and voila!  And should the time come that you’ll want to reposition it somewhere else, you can hire a moving truck to help you get it loaded up for the move. 

    Now, if you need more mobility and are quite certain that you’ll want to move at some point, then we highly recommend getting a tiny house with wheels.  It would save you a ton of moving costs, plus the simple freedom of movement that allows you to live where you want within the four walls and wheels of your tiny house. 


    Tiny House On Wheels Price Range

    Now let’s talk about prices.  It’s already a given that should you want a tiny house with wheels, you’ll have to pay a little extra compared to a regular tiny house or a shipping container home. 

    A container studio home with the size of 20’ or 40’ would cost less than $50,000 — also depending on how well furnished it is. 

    A tiny house with wheels of the same size could easily cost you around $40,000 all the way up to $100,000, this would depend on its make, design, and furnishings. 

    As it stands, having a house with wheels does seem to cost you almost twice that of a simple studio tiny house but given its additional benefits, we’d say it’s reasonably priced that way as well. 

    On top of purchasing a tiny house with wheels, you’ll also have to consider what features you would want built in your tiny house.  There are also delivery fees and taxes, which would be an additional cost.  This is where your discernment and patience as a homeowner comes into play because you’ll really have to source hard and long to find a seller or supplier that gives you your money’s worth including the extra perks you also want. 

    Where To Get A Tiny House On Wheels

    If you browse through tiny house listings online, you’ll find a couple of pretty houses that go for as high as $70,000 for just 1 bedroom and bath.  But you can get others for as low as $45,000 for a 24’ tiny home that even comes with an extra loft space. 

    If that’s not enough, you may even get the option to customize and choose the wood finish for the exterior wood, basic flooring, windows and door options.  

    Just think, you’re able to get a newly built tiny house on wheels for almost half the cost of that tiny house that’s already been lived in by other homeowners.  This simply means more savings that you can allocate on other living expenses, or maybe towards furnishing your tiny home and making it your own.

    The Bottom Line

    So should you or shouldn’t you?  Despite its higher price tag than a regular tiny house sans the wheels, we do think that the cost of getting a tiny house with wheels for that built-in mobility is well worth it!

    Having wheels brings out the practicality and functionality of having a tiny house, which is having the freedom to place and position it wherever you please, take it wherever you want to go — instead of settling for a fixed place.  And isn’t that one of the reasons for having a tiny house anyway? 

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