Are Tiny Homes Considered RVs?

There are a lot of tiny homes that can be moved around whenever you please.  It’s what families who love to travel purchase and it can also be a life saver for families who live in areas susceptible to natural disasters.  These mobile homes are known as Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs.). 

What Is a RV Home? 

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) or RV is a motor vehicle unlike any other.  It contains living quarters and is specifically made for accommodation purposes.  There are several RV types available for those who wish to experience owning or living in a tiny home. 


Motorhomes, otherwise known as a motor coach, is a self-propelled RV that has living quarters and a vehicle engine.

They are similar to caravans and tourers utilized by homeowners to have comfortable accommodations when they travel. 

They provide mobile leisure and are sold by manufacturers and dealerships.

You may find them situated at holiday and public parks, depending on the district that allows these types of abodes. 

Motorhomes can accommodate two to eight people and have berth sleeping spaces.  

Some berths have fold-out sofas that maximize the tiny home capacity despite the limited amount of space.

Motorhomes also have their own cooking quarters and appliances.  Depending on the model, the kitchen quarters can have a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, and sink.

The expensive ones built for luxury have innovative appliances other than the basic kitchen tools.

Motorhomes also have toilets, showers, and sinks. The smaller ones are installed with portable or container-based ones.

The luxury models have separate shower quarters while the standard ones have the toilet and shower in one space. 


Campervans are also RVs that have similar features to motorhomes.  They usually have a coach-built body that is used for sleeping accommodations.  Motorhomes are larger than campervans and are more comfortable to live in.  Campervans are made specifically for movement and not just comfort. 

Unlike motorhomes, campervans usually do not have toilets or showers. They only have living quarters and may lack the appliances that would make it a complete home. This is specifically built for people who love to camp out and would not need the necessities found in motorhomes. 

Campervans have pop-up roofs that are extendable.  This feature is perfect for campers since it allows the residents to have more space to enjoy the scenery. These roofs are usually custom-built into the body. 

Like motorhomes, some campervans can have kitchen quarters and a refrigerator. You may install a two-burner gas hob and grill or power up the appliance with gas or battery.  Some source their energy from AC power via a hook-up cable. 

The more expensive campervans may accommodate portable toilets and showers. However, unlike motorhomes, the installation is not permanent.  Some also have extendable tents mounted on the roof and have an extra sleeping bunker for storage. 


Another tiny house on wheels is called the caravan.  It’s a towable living quarter.  Unlike the other two types, it’s separated from the motor vehicle and has more comfortable sleeping quarters.

It may also contain fold-down trailer tents and are perfect to use on vacation trips. This lets the tiny homeowners save on booking rooms at motels or hotels when they travel.  

It’s also a good vehicle choice if you’re headed towards a remote place that does not have accommodation options. 

Caravans may also have several rooms and are usually used by musicians who travel the country for concerts.  The modern designs are called hybrid travel trailers that have pop-up features and a hard-sided trailer. The sleeping quarters may be folded down from the side and have tent covers as well. 

The larger models have a greater space-to-weight ratio.  They are also properly insulated so you would not need to worry when the weather’s too hot or too cold out.  This feature cannot be enjoyed, though, if you’re going to sleep in the tent extensions. 

The fifth-wheel trailers are also caravan types that are supported by a hitch in the center of the bed. They are smaller than 18-wheeler trucks but can easily be towed. They are also popular with full-time RV tiny home enthusiasts since they provide the same level of comfort of permanent tiny homes. 

If you’re planning to go on a trip that does not have concrete roads, you may also opt for off-road trailers.  These have 4×4 motor vehicles and are built for extreme backcountry travel.  They withstand rough terrains but contain the same accommodation features than its other RV counterparts. 

The difference with 4×4 trailers is that they are equipped with skid plates, usually have larger tires, and are installed with long-stroke independent suspensions.  Others even have lift kits making it the perfect abode for extreme outdoor explorations. 

Advantages of Owning RVs

Tiny homes are built for comfort, efficiency, functionality, and affordability.  The same goes for RVs. 

They have downstairs bedrooms that gives you much-needed personal space especially when you’re traveling in groups. 

They also make traveling comfortable even when you’re bound for hundreds of miles.

If you travel with just a motor vehicle, it would be challenging to sleep with your legs straightened up.  Your behind might even hurt from the long travel.  

RVs solve this problem and make your trips more enjoyable.

You would not have to make pit stops because your RV has a toilet and shower just like you have in a regular house. 

There are also a lot of RV models sold in the market today.  

Be it tiny homes equipped with all the necessities or luxury spaces that have just about every appliance that you have at home.

The options are limitless! 

That is the best part about owning a RV – you get to travel with your home without sacrificing comfort. 

Also, RVs let you enjoy your favorite home cooked meals and allow you to skip buying junk food from convenience stores along the way. 

This lets you save on snacks, lets you have the independence to eat decent food as you travel, and lets you enjoy a cold drink even when you are mobile.

Some RVs also have washers and dryers. This is a very important feature to have when you travel.  Not every town has laundry services, and this could be costly when you are staying at a motel or hotel.  

RVs let you wash your clothes without stopping by at stores. They let you reach your destination without delay and without discomfort!

The Bottom Line

The various types of RVs are considered Tiny homes.  They provide you with the comforts and functions of home without going outside of your motor vehicle.  It’s perfect for families who love to travel and for professionals who are expected to appear in different states in a short period of time. 

RVs are recognized as tiny homes because they have everything that motels or hotels provide – sleeping quarters, living room space, even a small kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet and/or shower. It’s the most comfortable way to travel with family and friends!

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